Elimu Junior Account

Elimu Junior Account

This product is an ideal way for parents to save money for their children. The account will be opened in the child’s name but will be operated by a parent or guardian until the child reaches the age, 18 years


Elimu Junior Account

Elimu Juniour Account is operated by:

  • Children`s through Parents/Guardian

How to apply

  • Complete UCB application forms
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Identity card such as Driving License, Work Id or Valid passport of the Parent/Guardian
  • Two colored passport sized photographs of the child
  • Two colored passport sized photographs of Parent/Guardian
  • Letter of Introduction from Local Government authorities, Religious Leader, employer or two referees who are UCB Account holders
  • Opening balance 20,000/=

UCB Elimu Junior Account benefits

  • Simplified account opening procedures
  • Reasonable/Affordable opening balances
  • Higher interest rates per annum
  • No operation fees
  • No monthly charges
  • Unlimited number of deposits
  • Convenience of handing over to the child when he/she turns to age of majority which is 18 years old
  • ATM card